Highly focused mediated negotiations designed to yield binding agreements in a single session in complex commercial litigation.

We have pioneered and refined over the course of four decades a unique process for resolving even the most complex commercial disputes in a single session of mediated negotiations. Whether on the verge of litigation or years down the litigation path, and regardless of the magnitude of the gulf between settlement positions, we routinely reach closure in one day- provided only that decision makers participate personally in the process.

Reaching closure in time-driven business negotiations.

Mutually profitable business deals can fail simply as a result of time windows closing. The expertise developed through steering negotiations in hostile adversarial contexts translates with even greater efficacy in managing impasse in deal making.

Designing and implementing processes for managing unstructured conflicts so as to position them for final settlement negotiations.

Some conflicts have not crystallized into well-defined parties with clear decision-making structures. Managing such disputes efficiently requires an unwavering focus on what the closure process will ultimately entail, so that each step in process design is consistently and concretely in line with implementation of the final negotiation stage. Our experience in finalizing settlements informs and assures the efficiency of the process we design for the management of less structured disputes.

Public interest disputes.

We have extracted the lessons learned from forty years of wide ranging civil disputes to bring efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the resolution of conflicts impacting the public interest. In times of scarce resources, it is imperative that the investment in resolving social disputes is maximized by adopting market-tested measures. Commercial mediations frequently involve the same cross currents of social, cultural, environmental, economic and political forces that can overwhelm the best-intentioned intervention efforts in the public arena.