Antonio Piazza


"Piazza is said to a have a photographic memory and a knack for bringing parties together in deals where the situation seems intractable."
The Intel-AMD Settlement:
A Play by Play


Antonio Piazza

is recognized as one of the leading mediators in the world.

Mr. Piazza pioneered the development of mediated negotiations as the preferred alternative to protracted conflict in complex civil disputes, having successfully mediated the resolution of four thousand cases since 1981.

These have included some of the most complex, high stakes and high profile disputes in the commercial world- long believed to be intractable. They have involved the world’s preeminent companies, business leaders, and law firms, millions to billions of dollars, and have routinely reached resolution in a single day of mediated negotiation.

Individual settlements have exceeded one billion dollars.

Mr. Piazza’s unique ability to resolve immensely complex conflict in intensely focused sessions has identified him as a primary mediator for reaching closure in time-driven business deals and international negotiations.

While maintaining his commercial practice, Mr. Piazza is dedicating the expertise gained from three decades of dispute resolution into ending conflicts that cost more than money- those impacting global peace and prosperity.

Antonio Piazza on Mediation

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